MNO Election -  Métis Culture and

The Ontario Métis population is diverse and rich in cultures and languages.  There are still many Michif French speakers whose language needs to be preserved and transmitted to younger generations. I am committed to enhancing MNO bilingual services.

Recent educational policies also require the inclusion of Métis content in school curriculum development. I will continue the important work that MNO has begun in educational policy.

My research into Métis culture in Ontario recognizes the richness and diversity of our communities throughout the province.

Each community has its own history, culture, traditions, language, family ties, Indigenous knowledge and relationships to their landscape.

My vision for the MNO is to provide each community  council with the resources and capacities they need to fully research and document their own cultural  identity  and proof of their status as historic rights-bearing Métis communities. This will provide the proof that MNO requires to effectively lobby for and protect our Indigenous rights.


Growing the Métis Nation of Ontario

Agrandir la Nation Métisse de l’Ontario